Tuesday, December 1, 2009

TMI 215

1. What are your feelings about traditional bachelor/bachelorette parties? Hubby and I never had one because we skipped the whole traditional wedding thing, so I don't know how I would have felt about it then. But, Now, I have fun attending them! I think it is definitely setting things up for trouble, so I like the combined party better, (but then I love strippers!) It depends on the couple and their communication. You should trust your partner to do the right thing. But, now if his friends don't like you, well then maybe you should worry. ;)

2. Do you wear (or not wear) something special to bed/dress differently when you want to have sex? I usually just wear panties to bed, and we have sex most every night. Some nights, when I'm feeling more seductive, I may throw on a satin nightie, or just a white wife-beater, and the clothing becomes part of the play.

3. Do you ever fake orgasms? I used to, early in our marriage. It was always enjoyable, but I felt like it would hurt his feelings if he didn't think he did that for me. Now that we have become better at what we do, he usually makes sure I have at least a little O (and most the time multiple levels of O's) before he does. If I don't then it's usually because I'm tired, or it's just a quickie that is exciting and enjoyable anyway.

4. Do you own any leather or rubber clothing? Just my shoes :) Boots, heels, Does that count?

5. On a scale from 1-10, how willing are you to do something in bed you don't want to just because you are asked? Hmmm, not much, I don't want to do. I love being asked/told to do anything! probably a 9.

Bonus: Can men and women be "just friends?" Yes, absolutely! But, if the friendship starts to interfere with other relationships, then you must step back and ask if there is maybe something more there.


  1. Good answers. I disagree with the last one though. Any dood that is friends with a chick he ants to do her, really.

  2. I agree with Sage on that one.


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