Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's Not Just for Sex

Hubby, and I, were doing a little bit of shopping this morning, when he pulled a muscle in his back. I tried rubbing it for him while we were in Target but, hubby is a pretty big guy with big shoulders and, while I want to help, it just hurts my hands to massage with enough force, for any real length of time. So, he suffered through the store.

When we go to the car, I remembered something! My vibrator! I have a mini that I keep in my purse. It's not really strong enough to get you there on it's own, but it has certainly come in handy at times, like this time, and you just never know when you might need a vibrator!

Anyway, this time, I was whipping it out for a different purpose. It was perfect to help me rub that sore muscle for hubby! We both giggled a little bit, knowing that his back was never what it was intended to be used on, but it sure did help.


  1. Maybe you want to move it around on him and see what happens after his backache goes away!

  2. LOL!
    Whatever gets the job done!

  3. too cute. i'm sure he was glad you come prepared! ;-)


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