Friday, December 4, 2009

Parking Lot Confession

I tried not to. I really did. I usually kept a book in the car, to pass the time, but not this time, and I had an hour to wait. I looked at Facebook, knowing I was putting off the inevitable. Then it was onto Twitter, and my e-mail, but still I couldn't get my mind off of it.

I looked around the parking lot, and realized that with the rain coming down, it would be really difficult for anyone to see me in the car. Still, I hesitated. What if someone saw me? Worse, what if one of the therapists saw me, and recognized me? What would they say? Would they ignore me? or would they send me away, in shame?

As I looked around, I grew more excited. I slowly wiggled in my seat, and could feel the seam of my tight jeans hitting just so. Back and forth the seam rolled over my hood piercing. I slowly slid my hand down and unbuttoned my jeans. Is there someone in that car over there? Can they see me? Do they know? I slid my hand into my jeans and under my lace panties.

As my fingers danced on my clit, I remembered the small vibrator in my purse. I slowly reached for it, and slid it down into my panties. The cold hardness fit perfect between my swollen lips. The motor hummed it's sweet song upon my wetness as I moved it back and forth.

I began to think of him. What if he came out right now and discovered my secret? What would he say? What would he do? Would I be scolded? Would he take me right there where everyone could see? Maybe, he'd grab my hair and force my mouth down upon his cock until he filled my throat with his sweet liquid. My excitement was rising my pussy was so hot and wet. I could feel the wave of heat start to flow down my body, as the sensations began to overtake me.

Oh no! Someone's coming! Act normal! A woman got into the car next to me, with a glance in my direction. And with that, the moment was gone. With less than 3 minutes, until he returned, I knew I wouldn't have enough time to get back to that point, to get over that cliff. So, just as slowly as I had unbuttoned my jeans, I buttoned them back up. I cleaned the vibrator, and returned it to my purse, just in time.

"Hi, babe." "How was therapy?"

him: "Not bad. Sorry, I made you wait."

With a sweet innocent smile, I said "That's okay. I didn't mind."


  1. Three minutes would be enough time for me.

  2. HOT! i did that once. even with the guy walking out and noticing me. totally worth revisiting. though...maybe your little tease was enough to keep you on edge for the rest of the day. THAT might be fun too!


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