Thursday, April 29, 2010

HNT: Ready to be Explored

I'm home in bed today, (unfortunately, alone,) and, because of the latest questions, I'm feeling a little naughty, and I'm sure I'll be doing some exploring, so it seemed appropriate to share this pic with you. Enjoy!
Happy HNT

what is the oddest item someone else has fucked you with? SS

Probably the oddest thing was an ear of corn. It was left over, in the refrigerator, and lready covered in plastic wrap, so I figured, "what the hell!" let's try it. I gave it to hubby, and he fucked me hard with it, while I sucked his cock.

Don't worry, I threw it away after, it's still safe to eat at my house. :)

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Monday, April 26, 2010

When was your last footjob?

It's definitely been a while, but I certainly know how to work with my feet. ;)

What dirty questons are on your mind? Ask me anything

do you like to get buttfucked?

Very much! It's just so naughty, and it feels so good!

What dirty questons are on your mind? Ask me anything

Music Monday: Rocketship

Happy Music Monday! This is a fun new song from Puddle of Mudd. They were part of the 98Rockfest concert in Tampa on Saturday, and they put on a great show! The girls in this video are hot, and who hasn't spent a night thinking of how to get your clothes on the floor?! Enjoy!

Friday, April 23, 2010


As much as I love to think about sex, and fantasize about what will happen to work myself up for the big moment, I especially love the moments that aren't planned for at all.

Last night Hubby and I got home from work, and I changed into a little sundress to go sit outside and read while he played xbox for awhile. Before I left, to go outside, I gave him a quick peck on the lips. Thats's when he grabbed me and gave me a long deep kiss while squeezing my ass. His hands played roughly with my breasts, and then he shut the bedroom door, turned me around, bent me over the tub, and gave me a quick hard fuck! He came, and left me to clean myself up.

It was hard, fast, unplanned, and powerful! I love those spontaneous times!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

HNT: Toes

I know my posts have been a little sporadic of late, and for that I'm sorry. We have had so much going on around here. It was flag football season for awhile, which meant very few nights at home, let alone on the computer. Then there's hubby's rehab, dealing with foreclosure issues, and we were lucky enough to be hit by the flu. Yay, me!

We did have some time for fun, over spring break, but, it was the family kind of fun. But, now, I'm hoping to get back on a more regular posting schedule. With, summer rapidly approaching, there's sure to be lots of concerts and parties to talk about, and in August, my alter ego is heading to NYC for a certain blogging conference, so I will be partying it up on my first trip to the Big Apple! I can't wait!

So while on vacation last week, I snapped a couple shots with my phone. Not the most exciting, but I want to share. Happy HNT to all of you! I can't wait to see everyone's pics.

I can't help but sing this song:

I got my toes in the water,
ass in the sand,
not worried about a thing,
cold beer in my hand,
life is good today,
life is good today

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Would you rather be rich or famous?

Definitely Rich! So, if anyone wants to throw some money my way...anyone? anyone?

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Do you believe in God?

Well I sure do scream it enough "yes, yes, oh my GOD, YES!"

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Back from vacation

With the exception of my few days alone in Cleveland, I spent most of last week on vacation with the family. We had a great time, and I love spending time with the kids, but after a few days holding hands with hubby, and sleeping so close to him in a full size bed, my pussy was aching for him, and I couldn't wait to get home.

As soon as we arrived home Sunday morning, we declared it to be nap time and went to the bedroom to take care of our needs followed by a much needed nap, and then yet, another great fucking session.

On our next trip, I will pay the extra money to get the girls a room of their own!

So, as I told you last week, I figured out how to use the timer on my camera while I was alone in my hotel room. I was going to save this pic for HNT but, since I missed it last week, I figure we'll just call it a late submission ;) So, what do you think?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Alone Time

I'm posting from my phone tonight from a hotel room in Cleveland. I figured out my self timer on my camera, but still not too many good shots. I got a couple that I may post soon. I now wish I had packed my vibrator. I will have to survive on fingers alone. Sweet Dreams all.