Sunday, February 28, 2010

No Expectations

With no expectations, we made our way to the bedroom. See, hubby and I have a sort of routine. He says he's heading to the shower, and I follow behind him, but always manage to shower first, and he always gives me a hard time about how I pushed past him so I could use all the hot water, which is only part way true. I do tend to use all the hot water, though not intentionally, but that's not why I jump in first. I get in first because I know he'll be there to talk to me, and I have some strange aversion to showering when I'm alone, (Psycho fear, I guess.)

So, we made our way to the bedroom, I showered, and told him "goodnight." We've both been sick, and, so, I had no expectations of anything other than getting a good night's sleep. He, however, had other ideas.

He suggested that I get started with my vibrator while he finished showering. I said that we were both tired, and we needed our rest. More sternly this time he urged. And again I said no, but I knew I didn't mean it. Already, the idea was settling in, and suddenly, I wasn't so tired anymore.

He came out of the shower to find me with my fingers deep in my wet pussy, as my silver vibe purred away at my clit. As he watched, I got hotter and hotter. I loved that he was watching. Watching as my fingers got wetter and wetter. Then, he leaned in and roughly took my nipple in his mouth. I lost it. My body writhed with pleasure as a great orgasm rolled out of me.

He then commanded me to sit on his cock. As I started to slowly ride him, he grabbed my hips hard, pulling me down tight on him. With his powerful thrusts, and our bodies moving in rhythm, he once again had me cumming, but this time, he came with me. I could feel the pulsation as he shot his load inside me, just as my body collapsed down on him.

Now, it was time to sleep. And, what a perfect sleep it was!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Love Me Tender...or else

Great Video, a little late for Valentine's Day, but still, very sexy! Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TMI Tuesday

1. For self-arousal, if you could reach any part of your body with your mouth, which part would you like to reach and why? Well, there's a question that doesn't require any thought, at elbow, of course!

2. If you reached that part of your body, how often and how long would you want to stay there? Just long enough to say look what I can do. Too much longer, and people may start to talk.

3. If the opportunity arose, what would you like to do to someone else that you have never been game to try before? I would like to pull my man into the corner at our local bar, and go down on him. I would suck him dry while he kept an eye out for someone to notice what was going on.

4. You have been selected to swap one of your organs with another member of the opposite sex. What would you swap and why? Who would you choose as the organ donor? I would have to decline the opportunity. While it might be nice to know what my man is thinking by having his brain, or to be able to play with his "organ" any time I want, I like a little mystery, and playing with it wouldn't be as much fun if it didn't give him pleasure, so Thanks, but NO THANKS!

5. Overnight you have a beauty sleep and inexplicably awaken at dawn having now turned into the most beautiful person on the planet. What would you do differently for the next 24 hours?
I would make sure to get enough media attention, that I'd be able to make a career out of being the girl who once became the most beautiful person overnight. I'd be everywhere, Oprah, Today, Chelsea, Celebrity Rehab...

Bonus Question: You are noticed by a talent scout and invited to star in your own x-rated movie for world wide distribution. You are asked to write the plot. Describe your movie plot in one sentence of no more than 20 words." With her magic touch she turns every woman into horny slutty lesbians. How long before the magic's gone and they need a man?

Friday, February 19, 2010


Today's hubby's birthday, and we both took the day off! We slept in, and now we're getting ready to head to the casino for some lunch and hopefully some winning. Tonight we will be going to our local pub for some good food, good music, good friends, and some damn good Jack Daniels! (which should properly numb my sore throat for a late night gift :-)

Happy birthday, hubby! I love you!!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I love putting on sexy nightgowns, but for some reason, they never stay on for long. :-)
Happy HNT!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Are Your Balls Clean?

Everybody likes playing with clean balls :-)

After the week I've had, I needed a little laugh. Hope everyone else, has plenty of laughter in their lives.



Monday, February 8, 2010


It was a great weekend, though, as always, way too short.

The parade on Saturday was perfect. Before each parade, we party with the other krewes in the staging area. There's plenty of food, good music, and a wench such as myself can always find free shots. The fun continued on the parade route wih plenty of beads being thrown. It was a great time!

Saturday morning hubby and I both woke up feeling very horny. I always love morning sex, but this was especially good because, since his surgery, neither one of us have really been feeling it. But all that has changed! With 4 fingers inside my pussy, his mouth biting my nipple, and my vibrator on my clit, I was treated to an amazing orgasm! Then I sucked him off, and swallowed every last drop!

I feel rejuvenated like, he jumpstarted my system, and I can't wait to have him again!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh the Traveler I would Be

I love to travel, but with finances, as they are, we haven't been able to travel, too much. I'm hoping this year will bring a few more opportunities to leave the Sunshine State. If things go well, we will be making another trip to New Orleans in April. And, my goal is to get our passports this year, so we can start to see the world, even if it is only a little at a time.

Oh, imagine what fun traveling would be with a map like this beside me!

Domme Cufflinks

I found these great cufflinks on Etsy, and just had to share. These just may be the perfect gift for your submissive man.