Sunday, February 28, 2010

No Expectations

With no expectations, we made our way to the bedroom. See, hubby and I have a sort of routine. He says he's heading to the shower, and I follow behind him, but always manage to shower first, and he always gives me a hard time about how I pushed past him so I could use all the hot water, which is only part way true. I do tend to use all the hot water, though not intentionally, but that's not why I jump in first. I get in first because I know he'll be there to talk to me, and I have some strange aversion to showering when I'm alone, (Psycho fear, I guess.)

So, we made our way to the bedroom, I showered, and told him "goodnight." We've both been sick, and, so, I had no expectations of anything other than getting a good night's sleep. He, however, had other ideas.

He suggested that I get started with my vibrator while he finished showering. I said that we were both tired, and we needed our rest. More sternly this time he urged. And again I said no, but I knew I didn't mean it. Already, the idea was settling in, and suddenly, I wasn't so tired anymore.

He came out of the shower to find me with my fingers deep in my wet pussy, as my silver vibe purred away at my clit. As he watched, I got hotter and hotter. I loved that he was watching. Watching as my fingers got wetter and wetter. Then, he leaned in and roughly took my nipple in his mouth. I lost it. My body writhed with pleasure as a great orgasm rolled out of me.

He then commanded me to sit on his cock. As I started to slowly ride him, he grabbed my hips hard, pulling me down tight on him. With his powerful thrusts, and our bodies moving in rhythm, he once again had me cumming, but this time, he came with me. I could feel the pulsation as he shot his load inside me, just as my body collapsed down on him.

Now, it was time to sleep. And, what a perfect sleep it was!


  1. Love it...

    there is nothing sexier I think then watching a partner pleasure themselves and then joining in to complete the picture..

    bet you slept like babes..

    hope you feel better soon sexy lady!!!

  2. Sounds like the perfect prescription to me!

  3. Oh my that is hot! You have to sleep well after something that intense. Yummy!

  4. That was incredible. It's like what marriage is meant to be.


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