Monday, February 8, 2010


It was a great weekend, though, as always, way too short.

The parade on Saturday was perfect. Before each parade, we party with the other krewes in the staging area. There's plenty of food, good music, and a wench such as myself can always find free shots. The fun continued on the parade route wih plenty of beads being thrown. It was a great time!

Saturday morning hubby and I both woke up feeling very horny. I always love morning sex, but this was especially good because, since his surgery, neither one of us have really been feeling it. But all that has changed! With 4 fingers inside my pussy, his mouth biting my nipple, and my vibrator on my clit, I was treated to an amazing orgasm! Then I sucked him off, and swallowed every last drop!

I feel rejuvenated like, he jumpstarted my system, and I can't wait to have him again!


  1. Love hearing stuff like that..

    the attraction bringing back the chemistry .. the incredible orgasm that was long overdue...

    Keep 'em coming Violet !!!

  2. very nice! glad you had a good time!

  3. I love morning sex too. It always puts an extra bounce in your step. :]

  4. Now that is some serious sexual rejuvenation.


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