Monday, December 28, 2009

A Weekend of Waiting

We had a great family vacation, with lots of food, and fun, but, alas, there was no sex. We tried sending the kids to the arcade, but they promptly returned when they found out that it required a player's card, (So much for all those quarters that I saved up,) and decided that they didn't want to play, anyway.

So, no sex, but, we shared some great texts of what we would do once we got home. And, we had some great kisses stolen in the dark of the amusement rides when the kids were sitting apart from us. It was like being a teenager again. I couldn't get my mind off of him. I couldn't wait to have his hands all over me. To feel his cock inside me. Every time my mind would drift off into these fantasies, I would hear, "Mom, aren't you listening?" and I would think "no, I'm thinking of sucking your dad while that naughty Belle gets it on with her Beast."

Finally, it was the end of our vacation, and I couldn't drive us home fast enough! We brought in the luggage, told the girls "goodnight" and went to the shower. With a weekend of nothing but foreplay, we were both ready to go, and oh! Was it good! Definitely, worth the wait!

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