Monday, November 30, 2009

His Hands

On my knees, bending over the side of the bed, I reach for my toy chest. His fingers move my thong and part my lips, and with a quick thrust his fingers are inside me. He works 4 fingers inside my hot pussy as I use my vibrator on my clit. With his other hand on my shoulder, he pulls my body down onto his hand. Rhythmically, he thrusts my body down, his hand sliding deeper and deeper inside my swollen cunt until my juices explode. As I cum, he massages my neck and back with long strokes of his hand, urging me to let it all out. His hands are strong, and hard, but his hands are gentle, and his hands are mine. Ohhhhhhhh, how I love his hands!

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  1. That was exciting, but I would like it to be longer :)



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