Wednesday, January 6, 2010

HNT- Close My Eyes

"If I close my eyes forever, would it all remain the same?"- Ozzy Osbourne
When I close my eyes, it is not to think of someone other than you. No, in fact it is so I may better focus on the feel of you, on the way you taste, and the pleasure that I feel. I close my eyes at times because I am so weakened by your passion, and drained by my desire. But don't worry, I'll open them again, because, I want to see you cum.
Happy HNT!


  1. Is that you? And whose cock are you sucking?

    I wish you were doing that to my cock.

    Please tell me more.

    So hot!

  2. Yes, it is me. And the person I have the pleasure of sucking is the love of my life; my husband. And thanks! glad you like!

  3. love this pic! super hot!

  4. Well now I'm thinking he won that one!

    Great pic!

  5. Lucky guy. I love this intensely sexual shot.

  6. Oh, My. Then I scrolled down: OMG!
    Exclaimed, "Fuck ME, Girl!"
    Damn Nice & Thanks!!! HHNT XOXO

  7. OMG that photo is making me so hot. You are so hot.

  8. I like your eye make-up and your hair is lovely! And the rest is quite good too. ;) Happy HNT!

  9. That is such a sexy picture - and captures the intimate moment so well. Love how you describe the how/why's as well. Awesome!

  10. Naughty girl. Lucky boy. Great pic. :-)

    Happy (belated) HNT!


  11. Amazing photo! Makes me quite hungry actually... And you look beautiful!


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