Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Flashback Playing with Barbie

Friday Flashback moment brought to you by Mattel, creating memories, since 1945.

When I played with Barbie, she would lounge around in the pool in her cute little bikini until it was time to get ready for her date with Ken. Then she would "get out of her wet clothes" and get all dolled up, (sorry for the pun, hehehe.) She would put on her sexy little dress, and wait for Ken. And, wait,and wait...but Ken was very late and Barbie was starting to feel a little tipsy from the bubbly, so, tired of waiting for Ken, she turned to me. She needed to touch me... Eventually, Ken would show up and have to watch as Barbie buried her face in my... Well, let's just say, she needed another dip in the pool when I was done with her!

Happy Friday Flashback!


  1. and thus.. the reason Ken doll sales were so low.. Barbie realized.. "who needs him, I've got Midge"!

    great post !!


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