Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Little Secret or A Lack of Discipline

Shhh want to know a secret? Sometimes I try to keep myself from masturbating so I can save myself for the next time I'm with hubby. But, on a night like tonight when I've thought of sucking his cock all day, since I sent him a topless pic in the gym, and he responded with a demand for me to suck him dry. Ever since then, I've thought of nothing else but sucking his cock with his hand inside my hot wet pussy! And, I just can't control myself!

Unfortunately, I can't have him tonight, so I'm online, watching porn, trying to convince myself to wait, but I have no discipline!

So, while he sleeps, I will be alone in the shower, and with the help of my new glass Kissa vibe from Eden's Fantasys, I will have no choice, but to make myself cum!

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  1. not lacking any more are you? *grins*


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