Sunday, March 14, 2010

Product Review: Anal Developer

 One thing I really get hot about is anal play. I love it! So, when gave me the opportunity to choose a free product for review, I knew it was going to be an anal toy.

I have been wanting to try an inflatable anal toy for awhile, so I chose the Anal Developer for it's unique shape. Unlike most inflatables, it only inflates at the tip, leaving the shaft, the same size. This makes it great for beginners to inflatables or to anal play.
It didn't take long to arrive, and once it did, I couldn't wait to try it out, so I had little solo session to see how it worked. It was easy to insert and when inflated gave an intense sensation of fullness that helped to give me one great orgasm. I told hubby about my playtime, and he couldn't wait to see a reenactment. This was fine with me, becaue I couldn't wait to use it again. With hubby's help the second use was even better than the first!

It really provides a unique feeling from the expansion inside of you, and I really enjoyed the sensation. I tried it both deep inside and at the entrance to my rectum, and while they provide different sensations, they were both very pleasurable. With using the pressure release button, I could quickly let air out, and control the inflation size.

One thing I would change about the Anal Developer would be to give it a longer tube. The tube was long enough to be able to comfortbly use it, but, if it was just a little longer, I think it would add some flexibility of positions. Because of the latex material, it is easy to clean, but be careful to use only water based lube with this material.

Overall, I really enjoyed this toy. I would recommend it to anyone that is trying to get more into anal, as it can ease you into using larger toys, or if you're already anally experienced and just want to try a new anal sensation.

Here's a few pics of me enjoying my Anal Developer.

 Thanks to for providing this item for review. They provided the product as compensation for my review, but the opinion is all my own.


  1. WOW. Sounds like you had fun. I am definitely jealous.

  2. Well I usually don't read these but with those pics I couldn't help but be riveted!

  3. wow *gulp.
    ummm, wow! maybe I need not a beginners model, maybe a trainer ;)


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